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    In the amazing bandwagon box I received from Chicara (Lipgloss Kisses) I was so happy to see a sample of MoroccanOil.  I have been wanting to try this for so very long bug I always tend to focus more on my skin care and makeup that I just never get around to buying some of this.
    Chicara knows that I have very fine hair so I was grateful that she sent me a sample of the treatment that is specifically meant for fine or light coloured hair.  The treatment has an oily consistency that spreads well across your finger tips.  This makes for an easy and even application to my hair where I focus more on treating the tips and lengths of my hair.

    When applied to blowdried dry hair it tames flyaways and conditions dry ends.  On damp hair I find it to be more of a treatment than something to just tame your hair.  When I apply the product mid way through my hair drying routine (when my hair is still a little bit damp) my hair benefits from the treatment more and my hair looks and feels smoother.  I love how smooth and soft this treatment makes my hair and I will definitely be getting the full sized product when I next go shopping.

    What makes this great for my fine hair is that it is residual free so my hair doesn't look dull and lifeless.  The light formulation means my hair isn't weighed down, it looks more healthy and even fuller.

    Directions: This has basically already been covered in the post.  Apply to dry or damp hair to nourish hair and tame flyaways.  I suggest playing around with different methods so that you can see what works best for you.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. A 100ml bottle of treatment oil retails for R405 on everythinghair.co.za.  I have added this to my Birthday Gift list already.

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    1. I am obsessed with this oil. i love that is good for my hair as well as visible benefits like taming flyways and smoothing my hair.


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