• Feel Good Friday

    Summer is fast starting to come to an end (well in Cape Town at least).  I am not really a person who thrives on extreme temperatures - I complain a lot in summer when it is too hot (and too windy!).  However, looking back on this summer I realised just how blessed I have been.  It has been a really great one.
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    I think in general I possibly complain a little too much about the heat, mosquitos (actually the general bug population that taunts me) and wind.  I need to learn how to live more in the moment and appreciate all that is around me more than what I currently do.  So the photo above is almost a toast to this passing summer - looking back in reflection - it has been great!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Well said, it's the little things that we miss when we look back in our memory banks!

    2. What a great sentiment. Love this post!


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