• Feel Good Friday!

    I wanted to use my Feel Good Friday post thank Retail Box for the unexpected surprise yesterday.  I was so fortunate to receive a gift from them after they spotted my Wishing Wednesday post (read it here).
    Visit the Retail Box website
    I do my Wishing Wednesday posts because it is a way I get to share products with readers and also to help you create your own wish lists.  I never expect these wishes to come true but I have been so blessed to have a few come true - either by friends or loved ones.  This time I was spoiled by such a wonderful company.  Great service and great products made sweeter by such a kind act.  Thank you Retail Box - you made my week so much brighter.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. That is so special and sweet. Glad some of your wishes came true :) xx

    2. Awesome - love that they read and acted on your post to make your day xx


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