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    I love using face powder to complete my makeup look.  Not only do I like a more matte look but I also like the way certain powders help give you a more even skin tone.  I have been using the CK One powder for a good few months now and I realised I have just not done a review of it, despite the fact that I use it every day and love it.

    I bought this powder because CK One had just been made available on the new Red Square online store at the time and I am a sucker for certain brands.  I needed a face powder and decided to give it a try because it was a lot more affordable than Dior, Chanel and Estee Lauder products I had been looking at.
    Purchase from the Edgars Red Square online store
    I have the powder in shade Fair (200) which perfectly suits my rather pale skin tone.  There are 8 shades available and a compact retails for R375 at Edgars stores. The compact looks sleek in its black and white packaging and has a built in mirror and sponge.  Because the compact is made of plastic is doesn't have the feel of luxury that you get from high end brands but for an everyday face powder this is a lot more luxurious than supermarket type brands.  I like that it is lightweight and travels well in a makeup bag.

    The powder is very soft and silky in texture and applies easily.  I personally prefer using the sponge that came with the powder but application with a face makeup brush works equally as well.  The powder has an SPF of 15 which isn't all that much but I love that it has some sun protection built into it.  I try to build up my SPF protection with my moisturiser, BB Cream and face powder to ensure I have a good amount of protection on my skin.

    Some complain that the powder does tend to dry out their skin.  With many or most face powders, you will experience that it dries up excess moisture - that is why I use it.  I apply a few layers of moisturiser type products (serum, moisturiser and BB cream) and use the powder to take away the very shiny look on my skin.  Because I use so many moisturising products I do not experience any dry or tight feel.

    All in all I am very happy with this face powder and I am definitely considering repurchasing, even though the beauty blogger in me wants to buy something else to give that a test.  Will keep you posted!

    Big hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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