• MAC Lustre Lipstick

    Christmas time is always so much fun, especially when it comes to giving and receiving gifts (Yes, I know that Christmas isn't about all the gifts but one can still enjoy them).  I was so lucky to receive a MAC lipstick from Nicole (Princess Noo).  I have wanted a MAC lipstick for AGES because I heard so many great things about it.Milan mode
    The tube feels sturdy in your hand and the bullet design is very sleek.  The lipstick itself glides on beautifully and moisturisers lips.  When wearing bright colours one does have to worry about cracked lips as any crack or flaky looking skin will be accentuated.  MAC obviously thought about this because even when my lips are a little dehydrated they still look good with this lipstick on.

    The colour payoff is simply amazing.  The highly pigmented lipstick lasts for hours and I found that even after breakfast and a cup of milo I still had a dark pink tint to my lips.  This is a must for people like me who don't like to re-apply lipstick all the time during the day.  I actually really like the faded lip tint look because it looks so natural.

    All in all MAC lipstick is definitely on my list of top lipsticks and will be featuring on my many wishlists going forward.

    Nicole I know I thanked you a lot on Whatsapp, but thank you so much once again.  You picked the perfect colour for me!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Such a lovely colour! Looks beautiful :)

    2. It's such a pleasure sweetheart. I'm so glad you like the colour, it looks gorgeous on you. Thanks for being such a great friend *hugs* xxx

    3. It looks wonderful on you!! I agree the MAC lipsticks are great. I went from having none to four within a really short space of time! :)

    4. Really love this rosy colour. It does look gorgeous on you Charlene...


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