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    This week's Manicure Monday post is a little different than usual.  I asked my Sister's one friend, Amiee, to do a guest post on my blog because I seriously love how beautiful her nails always are.  Here are her fantastic tips and all the images below are her handiwork.

    Practice makes ALMOST perfect!

    Clearly, I love painting my nails.  There are so many beautiful colours out there and now it’s a norm to mix and match colours and textures.  Holographic polish?  Sand-textured polish?  YES PLEASE!

    Doing your nails is so relaxing and fun!  So here is what works for me:

    Having moisturised cuticles makes all the difference when it comes to nail appearance.  I use an amazing cuticle butter called “Lemony Flutter” that I found at Lush in the V&A Waterfront (R65).  For me, it works even better than a cuticle oil, it’s incredible and really does provide 24 hour moisture.  I usually apply it once my nails have dried.

    For me, it’s always best to soak my nails first in a little warm water and then I push my cuticles back with a cuticle stick, soak them again for a minute, and then dry them thoroughly.  Then I get painting!  Always starting with a base coat (Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength is my go-to at the moment as it hardens the nail), whichever colour(s) I choose and then if it’s not a matte or textured polish, I finish with Essie Good to Go top coat, which is A-MA-ZING!  

    A lot of the time, I do my nails 15 minutes before I go to bed.
    My absolute favourite brand and most of the polishes you see above is Essie nail polish.  I love the colour variety, the quick drying time and the longevity of the polishes, even without top coat.  I also love Topshop polishes which also last very well and also, it’s the only place I’ve ever been able to find holographic polish, which I LOVE.  I think I love the holographic effect more than anything else.

    For a more cost effective approach, Essence is not bad at all and I think I own more Essence polishes than any other brand!  The colours are beautiful and they retail from R20 to R25 at Clicks.

    For me, I find that doing my nails is a great stress reliever plus it’s fun and you can create whatever art you want!

    Happy Polishing!

    Thank you so much Aimee for agreeing to put together this amazing post.  I really love it and I am sure my readers have also enjoyed it.

    You can follow Aimee on instagram that is filled with her beautiful manicures: PrincessAimee19.

    Hope this Monday will be a colourful one!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Great blog post, really enjoyed reading these tips! Well done! xxx

      Essie and OPI are my fave brands :)

    2. I love your manis! You really do a great job with your nails Aimee.

      I wish I could agree with you about Essie, but I really can't. Both my Essies chip within hours of application, with and without a top coat. I do own a Essie top coat as well though and that works pretty well, but their colours have always let me down :(

      Thanks for sharing your art with us :)

    3. What a lovely post! I love it! I also couldn't agree more about moisturising!!
      Thanks for sharing!


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