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    Today's Manicure Monday post is a double feature.  My Sister and I were doing our nails on Saturday morning so I thought it would be fun to include her as well.  I'll start off with the colour I painted my nails.  I was lucky to pick up an amazing red colour from Inglot recently.
    Shade 344
    Inglot Nail Enamel in Shade 344
    I was pleasantly surprised by this nail colour.  Other Inglot nail polishes I have bought were rather watery and required 2-3 coats to get an even finish.  This nail polish only required one coat and is such a beautifully dynamic red.  When you look at it straight on it looks like a normal deep red, but when you look at it from an angle there is a beautiful shimmer to it.  I tried to capture what I mean in the photos above.  I simply LOVE this colour....and for only R47, I wish I got more to give as gifts!  I think I will be heading back to the Inglot store this week to see if there are more of these.

    My sister painted her nails a neon pink topped with silver crackling from Rimmel.  She picked these colours up on sale at Clicks.  Apparently there is quite a big nail on nail polishes in certain stores where a bottle of Rimmel is priced around R25 - R30.
    Rimmel Silver Clash
    Rimmel Pop Your Pink and Silver Clash Nail Polishes
    The neon pink required 2 coats and really is a very bright pink.  You have to have the right skin tone with this else you hands will look a little weird.  I have very pale skin, so I am actually quite curious to see how it will look on me...that I will leave for another post.  The Crack Your Colour was applied in one thick coat to get the thick noticeable cracks.  If you prefer a more subtle look then apply a single thin coat.  Samantha likes the look of the thick cracks.

    I personally love the pink on its own but the silver on top does tone the bright colour down a lot.  I tried this trend last year and although it is different, it just didn't really grow on me.  I tend to prefer all my nails painted the same colour, where only on occasion I paint one nail different from the other.  However, I do appreciate that it gives nails an edgy and interesting look.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.  May this week be a colourful one!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Love that red! Looks so glam! :) xxx

    2. You both have beautiful nails. Love the red on you :) xx

    3. I agree. I tried the crackle effect but it also didn't grow on me and I only wore my nails cracked once. Pretty pink and red! I think I have that same pink ;)

      1. The crackle is just not me. But I love the pink.

    4. Stunning. I really need to do a sister mani and pedi day as well :) I love how close you two are

      1. It is so much fun spending time with my sister. I love her so much!

    5. I've looked at this a few times today because I just can't get over how gorgeous that Inglot colour looks on you! And wow!!! How amazing do your nails look!!!

      I love your sisters pink as well. I am not a fan of crackle myself because, like you, it just didn't appeal to me. I don't mind it so much on others, I just really don't like it on me. I LOVE the colour though!!

      I wish I had a sister. I love your relationship with yours!

      1. Thank you so much Michelle! Really appreciate this co,Inglot from you. Your blog always has such beautiful manicures, I can't even try to compare these posts to your ones :)


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