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    A few weeks ago I attended the Hey Gorgeous Brunch (read my post here) where I picked up a few products.  This is the first review of the products because so far it is one of my favourites.  The Facial Oil Cleanser was such a novel idea to me and I bought it purely out of curiosity.  I had never heard of an oil cleanser before and I just had to see for myself how it is that oil can cleanse.
    Facial Oil Cleanser
    Photo credit: Hey Gorgeous
    The facial oil cleanser is made up of Organic Olive Oil Grape Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Argan oil, Vitamin E and Glyserine.  These are all incredibly good ingredients that not only cleanse your skin but also moisturises.  The first time I used this product I used WAY too much of the product but what that lead to is my proud discovery of this product...it can be used all over!

    On your face it removes makeup like it is a joke - bb cream, eyeshadows, mascara, lipstick...this oil removes it effortlessly.  If you are going to use this as  a cleanser, I suggest you use a little bit.  Enough to make the cotton wool glide across your face, but not so much that the cotton wool is soaked.  Those that don't like an oily feeling on your face I suggest you use this as a makeup remover, leave it on for a few minutes and then wash your face with your usual cleanser.  Afterward put a few drops of the oil in the palm of your hands and pat it gently on your face.

    Now for my discovery, because the ingredients are so amazing you can use this on any part of your body that needs a little extra care.  I find this incredible as a foot and hand mask.  I soak my feet in warm water and pat them dry.  Then I apply the oil and slip my feet into moisture socks.  I do the same for my hands.  This makes my skin feel so soft and moisturised.  I truly love that this is multi-purpose product, even though it isn't labelled as such.

    Tip: When you use this on your body it is best to apply it as you get out of the bath or shower, to slightly damp skin.

    This Facial Oil Cleanser retails for R165.  You can view the amazing products online by clicking here.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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    1. Great review C! I am very keen to try this :) Have a great day xx

      1. As mentioned, if you don't like an oily feeling on your face you'll have to wash your face after using this. But I like it. The trick is to use the oil very sparingly.

    2. WOW love this review! Their products seem great!

    3. I have tried a oil based makeup remover from Mac and I don't like the way it leaves my skin. The oily residue left behind is just too much for me!

      Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

      1. Yeah, you have to use a very little and hen wipe the excess off.

    4. I guess it is similar to a cleansing balm, which is basically oils too, just solidified. And I love those! Balm Balm also has a coconut oil cleanser, if you ever want to try that. Thanks for the review, I might try it some time in the future. :)

      1. I use to use the face balms as a cleanser when my skin was very dry 2 years ago. Balm Balm is very good. Glad Rubybox stocks their products now :)


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