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    I love spending time just pampering myself, especially when I get to share that time with my sister.  The two things I love to concentrate on while relaxing are my face and feet.
    Sorbet Firming Face Mask - Anti-Ageing and Hydrating
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    Skinlogic Foot Recovery 20 minute Treatment
    These little booties are perfect for moisturising and softening the skin of overworked feet.  Each bootie is filled with serum that soaks your skin in green tea, peppermint, seaweed and shea butter.  To get the most out of this product I slip a pair of socks over the booties.  The warm helps my skin to absorb more of the product and in winter it also keeps my feet warm from the cold.  When you remove the booties let the serum soak in a bit more before dabbing off the excess product.

    Sorbet Firming Face Mask - Anti-Ageing and Hydrating
    I have been using these masks for the full recommended period.  The serum in the mask contains hexapeptide and epidermal growth factor.  Over the 4 week period I have noticed an improvement in the tone and complextion of my skin.  This mask is said to protect skin from the visible signs of ageing.  After removing the mask I rub the excess serum over my neck, chest, arms and hands.  These are all areas that show the signs of ageing especially because they are generally always exposed to the elements.

    I like to do things in such a way that I am still able to do things like page through my favourite magazine.  If you want to focus on your hands then time it for when you are watching a movie and won't need to use your hands to do things.


    1. Love the new look on your blog. Sooo pretty. Also adore this pretty picture, I love reading glossy magazines. Would love to try out that lovely Sorbet facemasks. Lovely post. :) xoxo


    2. I always put on a face mask and have a bubble bath. It is an amazing combination :)

      Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

      1. I think I will do that tonight. It is so cold!

    3. Ohhh I definitely need to try that mask. Sounds amazing!!


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