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    On Mondays I generally do a short review on a nail polish but I wanted to complete the Smashbox reviews I started last week.  Just to recap, I reviewed the Love me Eyeshadow palette, Lipgloss and Blush.  The final review is on the Love Me Paint Pen Eye Liner.
    I have always been terrible at lining the top of my eye lids.  I never seem to get the perfect finish I see so many women achieve.  But this pen has truly been the eye liner I have been waiting for.  The pen has a very fine tip that allows you to do a very fine line but if you change the angle of the pen you are able to achieve a much thicker line.  What I particularly like about this pen is that the case is thick which gives you complete control of the application.  

    Once applied you have ample time to smudge the liner if you want to have a more subtle or smokey finish.  The liner lasts incredibly well throughout the day but can still be very easily removed with face wash or makeup remover.  Here is the complete Smashbox Love Me look one last time.  I lined the top of my lids very finely which is how I personally prefer to line my lids.
    I have seriously fallen in love with Smashbox products and look forward to expanding the collection I have.

    Thank you one last time to Nicole from Princess Noo for having such an amazing giveaway.  I was definitely a VERY lucky lady to have won all these fantastic products.

    Big Hugs!
    Charlene XXX


    1. Looks like an awesome liner a good liner goes a long way xo

    2. Fabulous review and you look gorgeous :)

    3. Looks amazing! Also love the packaging :)

    4. This looks like such a good eyeliner. I am actually reviewing a clicks brand liner on my blog tomorrow :)

      Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

    5. Looks like a good one, I've had problems with the Woolworths gel liner which smudges whilst wearing :-(

    6. Great review! Thanks for showing the different widths to achieve. When I am shopping for a new eyeliner I will check it out. I need some Smashbox products in my collection ;)


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