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    I really love wearing nail polish.  I paint my nails sometimes 3 times a week because I like switching up the colours.  The biggest problem for me though is that I have incredibly weak nails.  My nails are also very flexible and therefore tends to bend a lot.  As soon as they bend it cracks my nail polish and ruins my manicure.  That was until I tried OPI's famous Nail Envy.
    Nail Envy costs around R350 a bottle and for that price you expect great things.  That is exactly what you get with this nail strengthener.  Over time it helps to strengthen your nails but from the very first coat you can feel the benefits of this.  People with a flatter nail bed tend to have weaker nails, what nail envy's formula does is force your nails to curve.   By forcing the nail bed to tighten and curve it makes your nails a lot more stronger.  With the terrible weather in Cape Town I haven't been able to take photos to show you what I mean so I took this image from Pinterest:
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    It is simply incredible at how different my nails feel after applying this.  I have also found that my nail polish lasts much longer than before.  I get a good 4 to 5 days wear out of my nail polishes when I use Nail Envy.

    If you struggle with weak nails I highly recommend this product.  This is definitely my favourite purchase this year.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. I agree! Nail Envy is the best xx

    2. WOW for R350 it better work wonders!
      But the difference is obvious and your nails look great!

    3. Nail Envy is the bomb! I didn't want to pay R 350 for the full-size bottle so I bought a mini set on eBay for like $13 (including shipping). It included a Chip Skip, Nail Envy, Rapid Dry Top Coat and miniature nail polish remover in a cute cosmetics bag.


    4. I have the worst nails. Wonder if this will help? Where can I get this?

    5. Thanks for this post. I am always hesitant to fork out money unless I know a product works. Thanks for trying it out and letting us know. I will definitely be getting my hands on this asap.

      Great post!

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