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    Those that follow me on Twitter might have picked up that I seriously wanted to try out Nails Inc and I specifically wanted the Porchester Square shade.  I recently purchased it from the Edgars Online Red Square store and I decided to really spoil myself by getting it with a crystal lid.
    Porchester Square
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    The photos don't really show off the true colour of this nail polish.  This nail polish does look very different in different lighting.  It's true colour is a deep, dusty purple grey colour.  But indoors the colour does appear to be more grey than purple.  It is a perfect colour for winter and I am so happy that I have managed to get my hands on this.  So far I have gotten  4 days of chip free wear out of this so I am definitely impressed with the quality of Nails Inc.  The crystal cap is worth the extra R50 per bottle.  Not only does it look pretty but what is great is that it makes the cap heavier - This gives a person more control over the brush. This is a must!

    Now I need to decide what colour I want next.
    Nails Inc Gloss Nail Polishes R110 each
    The Crystal Cap Porchester Square colour retails for R160.00.  You can purchase Nails Inc. products from Edgars Red Square Stores and also online from the Red Square Online store.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Pretty color for Winter. I LOVE the other colours you wanna choose from... :)

      1. I really love Lowndes Square and Bruton Square a lot. Think I am going to get Lowndes Square first.

    2. I'd def go for the Lowndes Square - gorgeous colour.


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