• Having a great time at Sorbet Constantia

    So this is something new for me, live blogging while having a Pedicure done at my local Sorbet.  I am being attended to by a lady named Chantal, while watching my Mom having a manicure done.  A while back Sorbet sent me a voucher for a deluxe manicure, but I am not able to have it done because my nails are so weak (from my iron deficiency). I gave my Mom the voucher and it was a perfect excuse for us to have a Mother-Daughter Day.

    I seriously need a tan!
    I really love foot massages and pedicures.  I don't have them too often (this is the first time this year) but it always amazes me at how much tension we carry in our feet.  I always think I should make time to spoil myself more, we all deserve it.  But we never really make the time.  I feel that as a rule, I should try to spoil myself to one treatment a month.  It doesn't always have to be an expensive treatment....something as simple as just having my nails painted or my eyebrows done.  We all deserve a little spoiling at times.

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