• BT Cocktail Launch Event

    This past Monday I attended the Cape Town launch of BT Cocktail at the Pavilion Conference Centre.  For those who don't know, BT Cocktail is the new 3 step skin care program by Bio Therapeutic.
    Photos taken by myself at the BT Cocktail launch
    The afternoon was incredibly informative and I learned so much about our skin and how we age.  We were taken through Bio-Therapeutic's skin philosophy that focuses on cellular well being, as well as the science behind all the technologies used to optimise the benefits of using Bio-Therapeutics products.  The BT Cocktail system comprises of three steps - Ampoule; Serum and Cream.
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    So much science and research has gone into developing these products that it is very difficult to summarise it all into one post.  I also don't want to make any mistakes in my explanation so I am going to add a screenshot from the website.
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    The cocktail retails for R1596 and it is said that a set will last a person 45 days.  If you buy the BT Cocktail online you will get a 50% discount voucher for a facial at any of the accredited Bio Therapeutic Salons across the country.

    I received the BT Cocktail at the event and will be using the product over the next few weeks.  I will do a full review and track the full process.  Will report back in a few weeks!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    Important links:
    Website: http://www.bio-therapeutic.co.za/index.php
    Online Store: http://bio-therapeutic.co.za/shop/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bio-Therapeutic-South-Africa/230080620359812
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTSouthAfrica


    1. Lucky fish ;) they look amazing, but the price... That would need to last me six months...

      1. The price is steep at first glance. But it is technically 3 products for that price. There are a lot of high end moisturizers that cost over R1000 alone. But I agree that an average or normal person cannot afford to spend this much. I will have to see how good this is then decide for myself.

    2. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I haven't heard of this range before. xx

      1. I also hadn't heard of it before but that is because it is new to our markets :)

    3. Interesting....


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