• Manicure Monday

    I adore Essie nail polishes, especially in these kinds of shades.  With lighter shades of nail polish you can expect that the first coat will be very thin, streaky and inconsistent in colour.  The second coat usually does the trip to create a consistent colour.


    1. Happy birthday , hope you have a wonderful day ahead , love the mani.

      Meghan Silva's Blog

    2. Fab colour :-) i did my nails yesterday too with a light colour and was worried about the streaks in first coat but second coat it was fine :-) thought it was a problem with brand thanks for the info

    3. This looks so pretty. Your nails always look so gorgeous and elegant. I wish I was also an Essie fan. Some of their colours are really pretty.

      1. The blog post you had today had an AMAZING glittery purple Essence.


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