• What I bought my eyes for Christmas

    I've done a few posts now on all the Christmas treats I bought for myself, because Christmas is the best excuse to spoil oneself.  I love mascara so it's only natural that I would get myself another one.  With it being Summer I needed a waterproof mascara and decided on Clinique's Lash Power Mascara.
    Before and After - 1 coat of mascara
    This mascara lasts incredibly well throughout the day.  It doesn't smear, smudge or run at all during long hot days.  Another great thing about this mascara is that even though it is incredibly long lasting, it's very easy to remove with just a bit of makeup remover or warm water.  The design of the brush is interesting, it has short bristles the makes it very easy to coat all the tiny little lashes that are often difficult to get to.

    This mascara retails for about R220 at department store and pharmacies.


    1. I bought the Clinique bottom lash mascara the other day - it's so cute. Beautiful eyes xx

      1. It looks really great! Thanks for the compliment :)


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