• Manicure Monday

    I spotted the new little L'oreal nail polishes in Dischem quite a while ago but just haven't gotten around to trying it out.  I finally got my act together and was pleasantly surprised:
    The colour is call Boudour Rose and is such a beautiful shade of dusty pink. The nail polish lasts really well and the brush makes the application incredibly easy.  I've never used a L'oreal nail polish before and I am rather impressed.

    These retail for around R59 a bottle and come in a variety of shades 


    1. I quite like that colour, bought one of the little ones at Clicks in a pale pink and wasn't impressed as it was too sheer and "watery".

      1. Buying pinks is always very tricky because you never really know if you are going to get the colour that is in the bottle. I have quite a few nail polishes that are incredibly sheer and a complete disappointment. I am very impressed with this colour and the nail polish lasted 5 days without chipping.


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