• I love Mango & Papaya Body Smoothie

    I received so many great things in the Blogger Christmas Swap with Princess Noo (read the post here) and one of the amazing items was the most amazing body polish from I Love Cosmetics.
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    I haven't actually ever seen or heard of this brand before so I couldn't wait to try this out.  The fragrance of the Mango and Papaya is simply out of this world! I find myself sniffing my skin after a bath because it is that good.  The exfoliating particles are nice and small so you get a good, even exfoliation that is gentle on your skin.  This means that you can use this exfoliating body wash every day without the fear of damaging your skin.  This is perfect for summer and definitely something I will be hunting down in future.

    There are so many other ranges that I'd definitely like to try - the Coconut & Cream or Vanilla & Ice Cream fragrances.

    Thanks again Nicole for such amazing goodies!

    Follow I Love on Twitter and Facebook.  Visit their website to view the complete ranges of amazing products!


    1. It must smell divine, like summer!

    2. Pleasure again Hun. Glad your'e enjoying everything. I also want to try out the coconut & cream xx

      1. I am loving all the goodies - need to do more posts on things :D

    3. The coconut & cream scent is INCREDIBLE! It smells like buttered popcorn. I mentioned the bubble bath on my blog a while back. :) Love their stuff.


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