• Garnier's Ambre Solaire Clear Protect Transparent body protection spray.

    With it being the middle of Summer it is so important for us to all wear sunblock when heading outdoors.  Often I really dislike applying sunblock because of the sticky, greasy feeling it leaves on my skin and often I end up walking around looking terribly white from the cream.  I recently picked up a bottle of Garnier's Ambre Solaire Clear Protect Transparent body protection spray and loved it.
    With UVA and UVB protection it is highly effective at protecting your skin and with it being water resistant it continues to protect you while you are in the pool or sea.  The spray is a liquid form that provides immediate protection because your skin absorbs it very quickly.  It being a liquid means that you also don't experience any irritating white marks on your swim suit or walk around looking marshmallow white.

    I never buy sunblock that has an SPF lower than 50 because I know that for 50 minutes I am we'll protected and it also means I don't have to constantly apply sunblock every few minutes.  We often get caught up when we're having fun and forget to reapply sunblock so do yourself a favourite and spend a little extra cash on one with a higher SPF.

    Available at Clicks and Dischem for around R150 for an SPF50 bottle.

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