• Blink Mints - Skyfall Screening

    I was invited to attend a screening of the latest James Bond movie by Blink Mints but was unable to attend because I had my work's year end function.  I was so grateful that Blink Mints allowed me to give my tickets to my sister to use.  She had such a great time and agreed to do a guest post on my behalf.
    My friend and I were lucky enough to attend a promotional event hosted by Blink Mints at a screening of Skyfall on Friday, 30 November.

    The event was well organised and very enjoyable! The promoters ensured that the guests were well entertained with good conversation, good food and plenty of free Blink Mints samples! 

    If you have not yet seen the new Blink Mints advert, keep an eye open in cinemas for their new colourful and eye catching advert!

    Thank you to blink mints for not only treating us to a good movie, but for the special treatment before and after the movie! It was a memorable and enjoyable evening!

    Follow Blink Mints (@BlinkMints1) on Twitter! 

    Visit their Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/blinkmintssa
    Visit their Website: http://www.blinkmints.com/

    A special Thank You to Charlene, for not only allowing me to be a guest blogger, but also for arranging that my friend and I could attend the blink Mints event on her behalf.

    Thank you Samantha for the guest post and I am so glad that you had such a great time.

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