• Tranquil Body Treats - Part 2

    I've already written an earlier post on the amazing products I received from Tranquil Body Treats and this post is on the Vanilla Bath Salt and a Fizz Bomb (Read Part 1 here).
    Vanilla Bath Salts
    With almost every single bath I have, I add Tranquil Body Treats sherbert (read the review I did here).  The bath salts is something I have been meaning to order but I've just never gotten around to it, so I was thrilled to get a big bottle filled with Vanilla scented bath salts.  I think all women (and men) love the smell of vanilla and this vanilla is something special.  It's not like the typical super sweet vanilla that you find in a lot of other products.  This vanilla has a beautiful warm depth of vanilla to it that is not sickly sweet or too overpowering.

    Fizz Bomb
    I was going to try to keep this until the end of the week when I have my year end function but I just couldn't help myself.  Fizz bombs are always so much fun to use and I love to watch it bubble and fizz in the water.  As soon as this hits the water the whole room fills up with a wonderful scent that immediately gets you in the right frame of mind for a relaxing bath.  I received the chocolate and vanilla scented fizz bomb so you can just imagine how great it smells.  The fizz bombs have great ingredients and are enriched with essential oils that leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.  At R7 per 60g bomb these are such affordable treats and come in 7 different scents.  For Christmas time these would make such a beautiful gift if you buy a few and put them in a glass jar.
    To view the full product range and order products visit the Tranquil Body Treats website.  Follow Tranquil Body treats on Twitter and Facebook.


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