• Off to the beach

    I am by no means an expert in fashion but I was thinking about how effortlessly stylish some women look when they are on the beach or next to the pool and put together a little "Style board" for myself that I thought I would share.
    Off to the beach

    1. A comfortable bikini or costume - although I am terribly shy to wear any swimwear in public
    2. To cover up a kaftan or little sundress
    3. Flat sandals that won't sink into the sand.  If you are just hanging out next to the pool you can wear a pair of wedge heels
    4. A few jewellery accessories - chose 1 or 2 pieces because if you do plan on entering the water you can't spend ages taking everything off and then putting them all back on.
    5. A big sun hat to protect your face and chest from the sun (helps to also prevent premature ageing)
    6. A good pair of sunglasses - because the better the lenses the better they protect your eyes as well as the skin around your eyes.
    7. Sunblock and a tinted lipbalm with SPF
    8. A fun beach towel
    9. Lastly a HUGE beach bag to carry everything in - I like bright ones that make a statement.

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