• Beautiful Hands...

    I am the type of person that needs to apply hand cream all the time and that means I have tried MANY different hand creams.  These are my top 3 essentials for beautiful hands...
    Beautiful Hands...
    1. Vaseline healthy hand and nails
      This is the perfect hand cream to use during the day as it is light and absorbs completely within a minute leaving your hands silky smooth and moisturised without any greasy feeling.  This is also an amazing budget at around R20 for a tube.
    2. Nivea smooth nourishing hand cream
      This lotion is an intense anti dryness cream that is incredibly rich and nourishing.  It leaves what feels like a moisture barrier on your hands that deeply moisturises your hands.  I like to use this at night because during the day I prefer a light feeling hand lotion.  At around R40 this is a great buy.
    3. L'Occitane hand cream
      These creams are a splurge so I don't use them all the time and rather use it when I do at-home-manicures or when I simply feel like spoiling myself.  These cream are worth every cent because they leave your hands looking and feeling amazing for a long time after applying it.  The creams absorb quickly and don't have a sticky or greasy feeling.  At R100 it's rather pricey but it's an absolute treat!


    1. Thanks for this post Charlene, I'm on the lookout for a good daytime handcream. My current one gives me a headache (I'm smell sensitive) What is the Vaseline smell like? Is it strong?

    2. Vaseline is a definite winner...hands down! Haha...pardon the pun! :O)

    3. The scent of the day cream is very subtle so it's perfect for those that don't want anything overwhelming.


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