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    I thought I'd start another topic for my blog, as my regular readers know I have quite a few - Wishing Wednesday, Just a Note to say, Feel Good Friday and then a few series of posts like Eyes of the Day and Must Haves.  The new topic is called "Why didn't I think of that...".  I'll use the topic to share a few good ideas and tips that I spot.
    I am always on the look out for good ways to store my make up and there are certain items that you would like to keep out on your makeup table.  I saw this while looking through all the amazing things in the Etsy stores:
    Makeup organisation
    You can purchase these from the Etsy: Less and More store
    These are incredibly expensive online but if you if you know someone who has the right power tools (and the know how) all you need are 2 pieces of wood and you can make them at a fraction of the cost.  It could be nice to paint it a pretty colour (pastels and neons are huge at the moment) or simply celebrate the wood look.


    1. This is such a clever idea! (Very much a "why didn't I think of that?"!)

    2. Great way to display your makeup instead of throwing everything in a makeup bag. I like!

    3. Thanks ladies! I always appreciate feedback on posts - glad you like the idea :) XXX

    4. Great new segment! Love this idea - would love so pretty painted a neon pink or something. :)


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