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    This week's Summer Must Haves comes courtesy of Laura Jane from Whimsy is Forever.
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    Highlighter: Summer is all about glowing, beautiful skin. A touch of highlighter on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose will pick up the sunlight and give you that gorgeous glow. PS: If you’re on a budget, or just want to experiment with highlighters before investing, pick up a holographic or shimmery eyeshadow from Essence for a bargain (I have one I scored on sale for R3!). Apply with an angled blusher brush in smooth sweeps.
    Colourful eyeshadow or eyeliner: Leave boring browns, greys and black behind and embrace a pop of colour. My favourite trick for long-lasting colour is to use a small, wet brush to apply a bright shadow along the lash line.
    Salt spray: For effortless beachy waves, even when you can’t make it to the beach. I use Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray. I spritz it lightly (about 5 sprays) all over towel-dried hair, then loosely braid it before blow-drying the braid. After undoing the braid, I add a few more spritzes and scrunch.
    Colourful nail polish: Now that your toes are seeing the light of day again, be sure to give them a colourful pedicure that will peek out of your sandals. Whether you prefer brights or pastels this season, choose something that will make you smile. (I’m wearing magenta at the moment.)
    Sunscreen: Because obviously. I use Nivea’s Light Feeling Sun Lotion.
    Fragrance: Put away your warm, spicy winter fragrances and wear something light. I’ve got several pretty floral perfumes, but my favourite summer scent has always been the original DKNY Be Delicious. Clean, fresh, just a little bit sweet…
    Waterproof mascara: Because no-one ever looked sexy emerging from the pool with panda eyes.
    Blusher: To create the perfect fresh face, apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks with a large brush (I’ve never been able to get a good application with the teeny compact brushes). I have pale skin, so I usually go for a pale pink blush.
    Body polish and body butter: These two go together. Summer weather invariably means skin on show, especially skin that has been hiding under layers for months. Use a body polish or scrub to exfoliate off dull, dead skin, then make sure your new skin stays baby soft by rubbing in body butter when you get out of the shower.
    A stylish top-knot: Because sometimes it’s just too hot to have your hair in your neck. My favourite twist on a normal top-knot is this upside-down French braid – tutorial on my blog later this week ;)

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    Laura Jane, thank you so very much for sharing your amazing list with all of us and for all the the tips.  I personally LOVE the upside-down french braid that you do, it's beautiful!


    1. Great list - love that braid, wish my hair was long enough to try.
      Have a great day ladies

      1. I have tried to do this with my very long hair, it was VERY difficult! :P

    2. Thanks Charlene for letting me do this guest post :) Had lots of fun putting this together :)

      1. Such a great pleasure! It's a beautiful post and I'm sure many readers loved it as well.


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