• Summer Must Haves: Miss Claira-Bella

    This week's Summer Must Haves comes from Miss Claira-Bella:

    Summer Must Haves
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    Nivea Double Effects Shower and Shave – Summer is not a time for werewolves so shaving is something we just have to get in the habit of doing again. This body wash/shaving lotion combination from Nivea is a must have in keeping your skin “shaving rash” free and looking silky smooth.
    Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Sun Defence for Face (SPF 50+) – This is a great sunscreen to apply in summer. It has all the goodness of their 8 hour skin protectant as well as a powerful SPF 50. Apply it every day, under your makeup, and you’ll minimise sun damage and sunspots.
    Fruit Smoothies – I love drinking smoothies in summer. They’re tasty, refreshing and really healthy.
    Short Nails – Long nails are a thing of the past! Short nails with a neat manicure are the way to go this summer. Shorter nails are also easier to maintain and tend to be cheaper because you can do your own manicure at home, instead of going to the salon.
    Upside-down French Braid – Many ladies, with long hair, have been rocking this hair style lately. It looks really cute and classy. It does take a few tries to perfect but once you have the technique it’s super simple. Ladies with shorter hair could just do front French braid J
    Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic) – I absolutely love ginger beer and I find it really refreshing to drink if you’re at the beach or relaxing by the pool.

    Claire, Thank you so very much for sharing your list with everyone.  I definitely agree with each thing on your list...I'm craving some fruit smoothies now!

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