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    I've been so incredibly blessed to have so many of my favourite bloggers agreeing to do guest posts on their Summer Must Haves.  This week Zaahira from Complete Disbelief shares her Summer Must Haves.
    Summer Must Haves
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    It’s no secret I love summer. With summer comes fun sandals, flowing dresses and of course, the beach. This year we’re lucky to have bb creams around and these are definitely on my must-have list. Along with pastels, blue hues and a crazy neon pink blazer I saw at Zara. Now to be real, check these summer essentials off your list and looking and feeling fab will be effortless!!

    1. BB Cream ( Or Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm)

    BB Creams started their journey in Asia and were developed for scar patients to speed up recovery and provide some coverage. In a few months, they had become a craze. Now there are many brands to choose from: Garnier, Estee Lauder, Smashbox and Bobbi Brown all have offerings in South Africa. Take your pick :)

    2. Colour, colour and colour.

    I fell in love with a neon pink blazer at Zara, but there are many other more economical options out there. Mr Price have a fabulous range or on-trend and fun items at the moment

    3. Sunscreen

    Ladies, don’t forget sunscreen. Even if you don’t ‘tan’ or ‘burn’ you have to wear a sunscreen. What I find amazing since I’ve been using sunscreen is that I can use the same foundation throughout the year. My skin is very prone to tanning and I would move up 3 MAC shades in summer.

    4. Balm Stains

    Balm stains are the ultimate in multi-tasking products. They’re moisturising and pigmented at the same time. I love the Revlon stains because they are buildable and pigmented. My favourite is the Balm Stain in Lovesick.

    5. Statement Necklaces

    I am in love with the statement necklaces around the moment. They’re edgy and now that our necks aren’t bundled in scarves- the perfect replacement!

    6. Kick-Butt swimwear

    Even if you aren’t comfortable in a bikini or wear more modest swimsuits, get something that you’re proud of and own it :D

    Summer is really my favourite time of the year!

    Thanks for the wonderful post Zaahira!
    Zaahira is having a Summer Must Haves competition on her blog, head over there now to enter!
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