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    I am not a big lipstick wearer and when I do wear some it is usually very light pinks or nudes.  So when receiving this MaxFactor flipstick I was at first rather intimidated, especially with it being a bright red.  After a few minutes of looking at it and feeling quite weary, I popped the caps off and starting playing around with all the looks.
    Salsa Red
    Left bottom picture: Salsa Red (25) the shimmer, red and blended colours.
    Right bottom picture: The staying power of the lipstick

    Read my review on the Beauty South Africa website.
    I really love the name of the product - Flipstick - it has two ends hence the name.  Both lipsticks have incredible pigmentation and glide on smoothly and effortlessly.  I got the Salsa Red colours to review.  The first is a bright red and the second a shimmery peachy red colour.   The two colours can be used individually, blended together to create a unique colour, or you can use each colour to create different effects on your lips.  You are truly free to try out any look you choose with these colours, bright red lips with shimmer accent in the middle of your lips.  Each lip a different colour or lining the outside of your lips in one colour while using the other on the inside...so many options.  My favourite look is patting on the bright red and then patting on the shimmer in the middle of my lips.  I pat on the lipstick to have better control of the intensity of the colour.  The colour has incredibly staying power and when applied it does stain the lips which means you have to be careful when applying this and I line my lips in a nude lip pencil just to further ensure that my lips stay defined.  When I applied these lipsticks to the inside of my arm and then tried to remove it with a moist makeup remover towel I seriously struggled to remove the stain from my skin - which is obviously great for long lasting lip colour.

    This is a great lipstick with endless possibilities that gives you the freedom to express yourself however you choose.

    Thank you to Beauty South Africa for sending me this product to review.


    1. Awesome review! Very pretty pic of you! xx

    2. You look so pretty in that pic :)
      Great review

    3. Really suits you - gorgeous.

    4. Beautiful pic Charlene and great review.

    5. Thank you all so very much for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the post XXX


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