• Manicure Monday

    It's been a while since I've done a Manicure Monday post but as soon as I saw the Essie Winter collection I had to post something on it.  And these beautiful colours are the reason why...
    From left: Leading Lady; She's Pampered; Butler Please; Beyond Cozy;  Snap Happy; Where's my Chauffeur.
    My personal favourites are She's Pampered, Beyond Cozy and Leading Lady.


    1. I don't normally wear or even like red on my nails, but 'Leading Lady' looks gorgeous and so festive. I LOVE 'Beyond Cozy' & 'Where's my Chauffeur'. :)

    2. Lovely colours! I think my favs are 'She's Pampered' and 'Butler Please'...

    3. These are pretty! I like "Where's my Chauffeur":)

    4. All the colours are really pretty and Essie once again created a good mix of colours where someone is bound to like at least 1 colour :)

    5. I haven't tried Essie yet. Its crazy:-) I really want to try this brand.


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