• Loving Accessorize

    I've always loved Accessorize's jewellery and accessories but in the past I found them a tad too expensive at times.  But lately I have noticed that the products are more reasonably priced which means a person can really go to town and spoil yourself.  I did just that! Here is what I picked up for myself:
    Cherry Necklace R149 and Trio of Gold Heart Rings R99
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    PS. The winner of the Thank You Giveaway will be getting this adorable Ice-cream necklace:
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    1. These goodies are really cute! I'm also quite surprised at the prices of them because I too, thought Accessorize was too pricey. Guess where I'm going :)

    2. Love that cherry necklace. You know how much I also love cherries. :) Super cute. xx

    3. I know! You and I both love cherries :D

    4. There are SO MANY goodies I want from Accessorize...SO MANY! :P

    5. Really cute and SO you!! :O) The adorable ice-cream necklace is SO me!! LOVE ice-cream!!

    6. It is super cute! When I spotted it I just had to get it for the giveaway.


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