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    As mentioned in the previous post I did today, Essence was kind enough to send me a few products from their skin care ranges to try out and this is part two of my review.

    My Skin Tinted Moisturiser
    Before and After
    I received 2 moisturisers in this range in Light skin and Medium to dark skin.  The light skin colour suited my skin tone perfectly and the thing that immediately stood out to me was the wonderful scent that the moisturiser has - a peach & acai berry scent.  This moisturiser is better suited to my skin type as I don't have oily skin nor do I battle with blackheads and pimples.  As with the pure skin range, these moisturisers are light wearing and non-greasy.  My skin felt moisturised and hydrated for the entire day and with the added tint it created a nice even complexion that made my skin look healthy.  This shade should be good for people with fair skin as it matched my skin tone perfectly and I don't have much of a tan at all.  In the photos I have above you can see how well the moisturiser's tint matches my skin tone and helps to create a more even complexion.  It's not as dark as the tint in the Pure Skin cream but that means I have a more natural glow than a tanned look.

    My Skin Cooling Eye Roll-On
    Image Source
    I've never been a firm believer in these types of products - I don't know why but I've always been apprehensive.  It's probably just one of those irrational mental blocks people tend to develop with certain products.  But I am eating my words now! This product is my favourite in the pack of goodies sent to me probably because I was proven wrong.  This is an absolute must for anyone who battles to wake up in the morning because the cooling affect of the cucumber infused moisturiser makes me feel incredibly refreshed.  After a few days I noticed the area around my eyes looked and felt firmer and the tone of my skin looked more even.  I don't ever really battle with puffy eyes so I can't comment on the effectiveness in that regard, but I do battle with dehydration lines around my eyes and this product helps to get that much needed moisture into that area.  Another thing I really love is that you can apply this any time of the day when you need a bit of a lift - even over makeup!  This product is a gem!

    A big thank you to Essence for sending me all the products to test!

    Essence products are available at Clicks and Dischem stores.  Follow Essence on Facebook andTwitter or visit their website.


    1. I was waiting for someone to give a review on the light shaded moisturiser;-) The My Skin range is my favourite from the pack. Love the tinted moisturiser and the eye roll on is really great. But I havent seen these products on the shelves it.

    2. The roll-on sounds great! Gotta get me one of those! Great reviews xx


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