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    I love dachshunds (as I'm sure many of you know by now because I keep going on about it on my blog and on twitter) so when spotting these dachshund handbags on the Shelley and Harry website my heart skipped a beat as I gasped in awe of them.  My personal favourite is the large black handbag and I like the little clutch as well.  The bags can be purchased online or from the Shelley and Harry store.

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    PS. You can read the other posts I did on the Shelley and Harry pieces that I bought here and here.


    1. Super cute! You and my best friends would get on like a house on fire - they are 'worsie' mad as well :) x

      1. I love dachshunds, and anyone that shares my love for them immediately has my respect :)

    2. I love these bags, and them cute dogs.
      I love the one with black leather detail (if it is leather)
      Go on Charlene... treat yourself to one :)

      1. These bags all have leather detailing. I would LOVE one of them BUT I can't justify the spend at the moment :P The clutch alone is R800.

        Glad you enjoyed the post!


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