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    I've asked a few of my favourite bloggers to share what their summer must have are for 2012/2013.  I'll be featuring these posts over the coming weeks in preparation for summer.  Thanks to all the ladies for agreeing to do guest posts - I feel incredibly honoured and privileged to share your posts with my readers.  Hope you enjoy their contributions and don't forget to go visit their blogs.

    Kerry Heathfield from guesswhatgirls
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    • WEDGES - Nothing says summer and style like a cute pair of bright, bold wedges
    • PASTELS - Whether it's on your nails, on your feet or on your body, you need pastels in your life
    • BOLD MAKEUP - Step away from the greys and browns and have some fun with colour, on your lips and eyes
    • BLUSH - A fresh summer face is your best asset, blush will help achieve the freshness. Seriously, how does a girl live without blush?
    • SUNNIES - Hello sun and hello cool sunnies season.
    • HI-LOW SKIRT OR DRESS - The coolest trend to incorporate into your summer look
    • ICE-CREAM - No explanation needed :)
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    1. Thanks for the feature Charlene :)
      My first guest post so it's really exciting!
      I look forward to the rest - such a great idea

      1. Thanks again for doing the beautiful post! Just as Desle said, the colours are my favourite too!

    2. Love it to the max!!! And it's filled with my favourite colour, pink:-) Ladies you rock!!

      1. I agree Desle! When I first saw the picture Kerry put together I knew her blog header would look perfect on top of the collage. It's a fabulous post to look at and read.

    3. Great choices Kerry!
      Charlene, I'm looking forward to seeing more from other bloggers on your site! Such a lovely idea!


      1. Glad you like the idea - going to take a look at your blog now :)

    4. Very summery and very girly!! It's gorgeous! XX

    5. Thanks for all the kind comments ladies :)


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