• In awe of Kiehl's: Part 2

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    Part 2 of my Kiehl's reviews brings me to one of their most popular products and a bath product I love to use.  Used together these products make bath time an indulgent activity that leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished.
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    • Bath and Shower liquid body cleanser "Coriander"
      First off the scent of this cleanser is something I personally cannot get enough of.  It has a light, fresh scent of coriander that is perfect after a long day at work or to wake you up first thing in the morning. It strikes a perfect balance of being refreshing and soothing to use.  The cleanser foams up well and a little truly does go a long way.  It lifts dirt and excess oils easily without stripping your skin of its moisture.  The cleanser can also be used as bubble bath when you feel like relaxing after a long day.
    • Creme de Corps
      I was incredibly excited when I saw this moisturiser in my pack of goodies from Kiehl's because I've read so many reviews and articles online proclaiming how amazing this is product is.  The cream has a nice light fragrance and a creamy, soft texture.  It is easily absorbed into the skin and what I really love about this cream is that you don't need to use handfuls to cover your entire body because it spreads well.  Another great aspect of this cream is that is doesn't leave a sticky, waxy or "heavy' feeling on the skin.  Once absorbed your skin feels moisturised and hydrated without the feeling of the product just sitting on the surface of your skin.

      Khiel's claim that after 10 days of continuous use "will provide a skin texture heretofore unattainable", with such a poetic and profound a claim you expect miracles from this bottle of cream and thus far I have not been disappointed.  Winter has taken a serious toll on my skin and this cream has definitely worked its "magic".  All I need now is to catch some sunlight to add some colour to my almost translucent skin.  And that's another thing that Kiehl's has considered, I read online that you get the cream with added SPF which would be perfect for summer! 
    Overall, I seriously enjoy using these products and when they run out I know I am not going to be happy.  But I'll continue using them because there is no point in letting them sit on a shelf when they are such a treat to use.... after all, we deserve to spoil ourselves!

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    PS. Thanks again to Kiehl's for the collection of goodies they sent me to try out.


    1. Still dying to try these products. Lovely post!

      1. Thanks Claire, I was very lucky to be sent so many great goodies.

    2. Great post Charlene, lucky gal ;)
      Speaking of lucky, I'm going to track my parcel right this minute :)

      1. I hope your goodies arrived and that you like everything XXX

    3. Love your post Charlene...as usual, it's fabulous! So glad that you got these great goodies! I went and checked the Kiehls' store out last week and got a whole bunch of samples that I need to try out! Can't wait!

      With regards to the hamper...I ADORE absolutely everything in it! Kerry...you have such will power girl, I started my hunt last Thursday just cos I couldn't wait any longer! Hope you enjoy it as much as I am!!

      1. Thanks so much Tammy - the goodies are great :)
        I am SO VERY HAPPY that you like everything so much! It's a big relief because I wanted to spoil the winners and make them feel special. XXX

    4. I hope these products aren't to expensive when it hits shelves I also want to indulge a little bit:-)

      1. I know exactly what you mean, I am just as hopeful. But I am expecting body cream to be around R200 - R300. We'll have to wait and see!


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