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    I am a sucker for almost anything associated with my star sign.  Being a Taurean I love beautiful things - when I saw that Estee Lauder has released a line of Zodiac inspired powder compacts I was so excited and immediately longed to own my own compact.
    Find your star sign
    Each compact features a star sign on the cover and has a crystal birthstone embedded in the little compact clasp.  Inside you'll find a big mirror and translucent powder.  The reason this powder was chosen is because it is versatile and suitable for all complexions.  This would make the perfect gift for someone, but at $70 this is rather pricey.  Last time I check the Rand/Dollar exchange rate would price this at about R588 - excluding the cost of shipping. It would be interesting to see how that price translates if it is brought to the South African market.

    I would love to own this compact as I am sure many of you would love to own your own star sign.

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    1. Ah this is so cool - I love mine, Leo :)

      1. It is beautiful :D I've already mentioned this to my parents so if they are here Christmas time - I'll be adding this to my Christmas list :P Our lists are always divided into "Need, Want, Wishing for". This is obviously go in the "Wishing For" section XXX

    2. OOOh yes. I love these! I used to be very into astrology and know everything about the signs. :)

      I'm a libra and my scales always look so boring if not paired with something else. Haha. The scorpio, cancer and leo ones look the cutest. :) x

      1. I use to have :issues" with my star sign - it being a bull isn't very flattering when you are a girl and want pretty things :P But I have grown to love being Taurean and the sign of the bull. My 3 best friends' star signs are Cancer and Scorpio :)


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