• The first of many Lingerie Letters!

    I was so very excited to receive my first Lingerie Letter.  I love pretty underwear and as soon as I saw this announced on twitter I immediately signed up for a 3 month subscription.

    I like that the package arrives in the post - it means that those who cannot have things couriered to a day time address can easily subscribe to this.  Furthermore, you can also avoid any embarrassing situations by this arriving at your work.
    The packaging
    And now to reveal the first pair of beautiful panties:
    I prefer briefs and therefore the pair I received would not be the same as those who prefer thongs.  I received a pair of sheer black panties that have beautiful ribbons on the sides that tie into a bow.  The materials used are all of good quality and feel soft and comfortable against the skin.

    I am really looking forward to my next delivery!
    Here is some background information on Lingerie Letters for those of you who are not familiar with concept:

    There are 3 subscription offers:  A 1 month subscription for R95; 3 month subscription for R225 (R75 per Letter) and a 6 month subscription for R420 (R70 per Letter) which is not bad at all considering it's free delivery and you'll receive a beautiful surprise each month!  What is great is that you can choose what style of panty you like - thongs or briefs or you can be surprised each month - so you can make sure that you'll get something that suits your preference.  During your registration you specify the size you'd like to receive and what I love is that they use SA sizing guides!  They cater for sizes 30 to 40.  Currently the payment method is only debit order.

    Head over the website now to see for yourself! Follow Lingerie Letters on Facebook and Twitter.


    1. So pretty :) Can't wait for mine to arrive!

    2. Those are gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. I really wanted to see what they sent out. So do they send out their own underwear that they've made or are they from different brands? :)

      1. Hi Chicara,

        These seem to be specifically made by Lingerie Letters each month. The label says "Lingerie Letters". It's incredibly pretty :)

    3. Ooooo I like those, I'm also a briefs/hotpants kinda girl..

      1. I was quite pleasantly surprised by how comfortable these were - so they are not only pretty :)

    4. I like black lingerie
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