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    Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable balm stain has been on my "Curiosity List' for a while now.  It's one of those products that comes onto the market and you just have to have it to see if it lives up to all the hype.  I was reading a post Claire from Miss Claira-Bella wrote and was even more dead set on getting myself one of these balms.  So as soon as I could get away from work I headed to Canal Walk's Dischem to get my hands on one.
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    Firstly, the colour selection in Dischem was quite limited, with only 7 of the 12 colours out on the shelves - I think that alone plays testament to how popular these balms are.  I applied all the colours to the back of my hand while I tried to make up my mind on which colour to pick.  I am not at all adventurous with lip colours and I am happy that Revlon kept us timid girls in mind and have colours such as Precious Precieuse, which is what I settled on in the end.  It is similar in shade to my skin colour but has a nice subtle pink to it that I find to be very lady like and pretty.  Basically, I thought I'd pick a safe colour and see how much I like the balm before purchasing any other more bold colours.

    While standing in the checkout queue at Dischem I tried to wipe the stains off my hand with a wet wipe (that I always carry around in my handbag) and the top layer of the balm came off easily but the stain had seeped into my skin and stained it - which is of course what the product is suppose to do.  It was quite a battle to get the stain off my skin but after some (not so gentle) persuasion it eventually budged.

    The experience I had was really remarkable.  I went out for supper with my family (to celebrate my Mom's 50th Birthday) and before heading to the restaurant I applied the balm to my lips.  What is great about the colour is that you can easily build it up to the darkness that you wish for.  I found that two strokes on both my top and bottom lips gave an even coverage.  If you want a lighter shade then one stroke on both lips will give you a nice natural pop of colour.  The balm has a minty freshness to it when applied and refreshes lips.  It has a feeling to me that is similar to a lip gloss in many ways without the seriously oily look.  The balm has a sophisticated shimmer to it that I personally like a lot.

    Arriving at the restaurant 20 minutes later I could still feel the balm on my lips - usually by this time lipsticks and balms are hardly noticeable on my lips.  I ordered a glass of water and while sipping away I was seriously shocked by how little of the balm transferred to the glass - It was hardly even that noticeable and I could still feel that the balm was staying put.  I even asked my parents to have a look at the richness of the colour and they said it looked just as good as when I had arrived.  After having a meal and ending off the evening with cake the typical balm-like feeling on my lips had gone away however the colour was still on my lips.

    So my thoughts....they are very simple.  This is a wonderful balm and an even better lipstain.  It works far better than other lipstains that I have tried in the past and because this is a balm it hydrates and moisturises a person's lip beautifully.  Let's just say that my list of colours to get now cover a variety to the point where I'd even consider getting a red*.

    I picked my balm up at Dischem for R92.00 and saw that at Clicks they retail for around R99.00 each.

    Follow Revlon South Africa on twitter and visit the website.

    * PS. I NEVER wear red lipsticks.


    1. Thanks for the review Charlene - Can't wait to get my hands on one. I have recently steered away from lights and pinks and onto bolder colours so I am gonna go for the colour Emma is wearing in the poster - its amazing!
      Just to double check, it has a slight shine?

      1. Hi Kerry,
        The lip balm has a nice shine to it but not an oily look that a lip glossy has. Also, I woke up this morning and the stain was still visible on my lips :P So be careful with what colour you choose if you don't want to walk around with stained lips the day after XXX

    2. Great review :) I bought sweetheart/valentine (the bright, almost neon pink) just over a week ago and I love love love it!

      1. That colour is beautiful, But I'm not brave enought to wear colour like that :P

    3. I will be off to Greenstone today to find me some of that! Looks gorgeous!

    4. Fab review as always! I love these balms. Such pretty colours as well. I will post a review either today or tomorrow on my colour. :) x

      1. I look forward to reading what your thoughts are :)


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