• Old Navy Jeans teams up with Beverley Hills 90210

    I use to love watching Beverley Hills 90210 (the original one) and was quite surprised when I saw these american TV adverts for Old Navy jeans with some of the original cast members in them.

    My favourite actor on the show was Jenny Garth (Kelly) and I couldn't believe how amazing she still looks.  In my opinion she looks even better than she did at the age of 20.
    Here are a few other adverts featuring other cast members:

    I even discovered an advert with Blossom - another tv show I use to love watching as a child:


    1. When I was a little girl,I named one of my Barbies (with light blonde hair) after Kelly! She really does look amazing, I'm trying to find photos of her hairstyle she had for her wedding as "Valerie" in What I like about you. So pretty!

    2. I can't really remember the original 90210 but I am the biggest fan of the one.. Its like my drug, once I start I can literally sit all through the night and watch back to back episodes

    3. Oh my word I loved Blossom! I also watched the original beverly hills - one of my faves. We clearly grew up during the same time. :)

    4. Glad you all enjoyed the post - I wasn't sure if I should even post about it but then I thought there's no harm. This blog is mine and I can inflict this kind of post on people :P


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