• Mascaras


    I few mascaras that I recommend and some that I am longing for.


    1. Love this post! Mascara's are one of mx favourite things. My favourite mascara at the moment is Rimmel sexy curves. Takes my lashes to new heights:)

    2. Great post :) I'm wearing Maybelline Great Lash at the moment - it's a wonderful product that fits my limited budget.

    3. Great post. There's quite a few that I haven't tried...

    4. Hi ladies :)

      I adore Mascaras and it's something I am always buying :P I've tried out so many different ones and that is why I thought I would share which ones work best for me. The Elizabeth Arden is my favourite because it truly does imporve the condition of your lashes over time.

      Laura and Desle - thanks for letting me know what your favourites are :)

    5. One thing I couldn't do without is my mascara. I'm not a Clinique fan but I do love the Almay mascara range!


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