• Glambox and Rubybox join forces

    I wasn't too surprised to hear that two of the South African beauty boxes joined forces.  To be honest, I could see the increase in competition was making it a bit harder for all the boxes and I was expecting either a merger of some sort or one of the boxes falling away entirely.  

    I was very excited to see that Rubybox and Glambox have joined forces because I think the partnership can bring about some really great boxes for the future.  This also means that R100 is saved each month for those that get both boxes each month.  At least now my dilemma of which box to go for has now been solved.  I am a loyal Glossybox subscriber and wanted to get Rubybox as well, but I was conflicted about not choosing Glambox.

    Read more about how this will affect you on the Rubybox website.

    There is also an amazing competition running on facebook where all you have to do is guess what the new box's name is going to be.  The prize is A 5star weekend away for you and 3 friends to La Residence in Franschhoek worth 50 000!

    PS. You can read my thoughts on the South African Beauty Boxes here.


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      1. Exciting times - I think they are going to supply a killer box in September!

    2. I think this is a good idea. I don't think Rubybox was quite making it in the competitive market of sample boxes.

      1. Yes, it is a great idea and I am excited to get the first box...that reminds me, I better sign up for it now :P

    3. For someone who found it hard to choose between the boxes, I guess it is good news, since I do not need to choose any more.
      I am not sure I agree that Rubybox was struggling. There were more signs of that with Glambox, the packaging was halved two months ago (just one box,not a box in a box; which I think was just fine), they stopped giving reduced annual subscriptions, their customer service was very bad (maybe they were understaffed?), their last box was way below the standard of previous boxes.....

      Anne Tiaan

      1. I agree - it is helpful for people who couldn't decide because now they pretty much don't have a choice now. I also tend to agree that Rubybox was the stronger one and that is why all the Glambox data has been moved to them.

        Thanks for sharing your opinions! :)


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