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    I never use to like smokey eyes but I've played around with the look and found my own version that is quick and simple to do.  I like to play around with different colours but my favourite to do is a Brown Smokey Eye.  
    I don't like taking ages to do my makeup - this look probably takes me about 3-5 minutes  I know this is not the correct way to do a proper smokey eye, but I have my own version that I find easier to do.  Here is how I do a day time look with a bit of a punch:

    Products used:

    1. All in one face base from The Body Shop - R145
    2. Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Eye Palette in Bronze - R650 which I wrote a post about a few months ago.  (Believe me, I know how lucky I am to have this amazing palette.  I'll share a look with the top level of the palette soon!)
    3. Accessorize Illusion Eye Shadow Golden Haze (Shade 20) - R49
    4. Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara - R89 which I reviewed a while back. 

    How to achieve the simple look:

    1. Prepare your eyelid with either an eyeshadow primer or normal face powder.  I prefer using a face base powder.
    2. Cover your entire eyelid in a light beige colour
    3. Use a very dark brown or black to line the top of your eyelid.  For a day time look keep the line thin and not too dark.  For a night time look you can make it thicker.
    4. Take a lighter shade of brown, but one that still has quick a dark pigmentation and smudge it to your outer lids working your way inward to about halfway between the inner and outer corner of your eyelid.  You want it to look quite dark on the outer and fade towards the middle.
    5. I then take a very light beige that has a bit of shimmer and smudge it in the crease of my lid to blend and soften in dark brown.
    6. I then like to add some shine to the look by adding a shimmer eyeshadow.  I find that Accessorize's Illusion eyeshadows have a great shimmer to them and last well throughout the day.  I use this in the corner of my eyes blending outwards to meet the darker shade of brown that I did in step 4.  I also like to add a little to the bottom of my eyeline - but don't overdo it!
    7. Finish the look off with mascara - I used Rimmel ScandalEyes.
    8. You can add some eyeliner but I prefer not to wear eyeliner during the day.


    1. For a night time look, make the colours a bit more intense and line your bottom and top lids with a dark brown eyeliner
    2. You can achieve this look with almost any colour.  I play around with purple smokey eyes and shades of pink.  I find it more interesting than the typical black and grey smokey eye look.

    Here's a good How To Video if you want to create a traditional (proper) smokey eye:


    I am by no means a makeup artist, nor am I pretending to be one.  All the looks I share will be very simple and easy to do.

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