• Dove Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner

    One of the suggestions that came out of the competition suggestions was more reviews on hair care products along with some video reviews.  I do review such products on Beauty Bulletin and I've done a few video reviews as part of the VIP members reviewers.
    Here are some of my thoughts on the product:
    1. It has a beautiful smells that makes this conditioner a real treat to use - however, if you don't like too strong a smell that does compete with your perfume (at least for the first day after washing your hair) then you might not be too thrilled with this.
    2. If you are in a rush, this treatment works in 1 minute.  However I suggest that if you have the time, leave it on for as long as you like - it really gives the product lots of time to work its magic and get all the nutrients into each strand of hair.  
    3. If you have fine hair, avoid applying this to your roots.  I have fine hair and it gets weighed down a lot when the product is applied for too long around the root area.  What I do to avoid this while still getting some nutrients there, when I wash the product off I add a little water to my hair and rub the product quickly around my roots then wash it off immediately.  It is said to be a weightless formula - but my hair is incredibly fussy.
    4. This affordable supermarket product delivers great standards that I would say are similar to expensive salon quality products.
    Here is the link to the video review that I did for the Beauty Bulletin website: Dove Intensive repair daily treatment conditioner.

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