• Thank you Green Cross!

    As many of you may have noticed, I have recently posted a few blog posts (which you can find here and here) and been mentioning my admiration for the Green Cross brand in a few tweets over the past few weeks.  I think there is an overwhelming misconception that Green Cross is not stylish or on trend, yet this can not be further from the truth.  The boots, casual and work range of shoes are incredibly pretty and bang on trend without compromising on comfort.

    I recently won a spot giveaway from Green Cross on Twitter.  It was a complete surprise because it's not often you receive things out of the blue for no other reason besides following a brand on twitter and mentioning them in some of your tweets.  I received a voucher in the post to choose something in any of the Green Cross stores.  I visited the Canal Walk and Cavendish stores where I received fantastic service from the shop assistants on duty.  Although both stores are great, my favourite store to visit is the Canal Walk store because the staff there are simply amazing when assisting you and always greet you with the most genuinely friendly smile.

    My choice of item was basically made for me, my handbag was falling apart at the seams and the lining of my bag was worn through so after spotting an incredible handbag (complete with a beautiful pink/purple lining) I had my mind made up (I had admired it online when creating my post on the incredible handbags on offer and even tweeted about my admiration of it.).
    The range of Green Cross handbags can be viewed online.
    Thank you to Green Cross for the amazing service and for my beautiful gift.  
    While browsing the store I spotted a few high heels I have my eyes on for work:
    View the range of Ladies shoes online.
    Once I have made up my mind which one I prefer (I am leaning toward style 5152 because I love the little bow detail) I'll head on to the Canal Walk store to make my purchase.

    The full range of Green Cross boots can be viewed on their website.  Follow Green Cross onTwitter and Facebook.


    1. Love the purple! Lucky Lady :)

      1. It is such a bright and beautiful surprise when one opens the bag :) Hope you are feeling better and that your neck isn't too sore - feel better soon xxx

    2. Oh yay for you lady :-) Good choice!
      Wow I really like those shoes, super cute. I borrowed/stole a pair of Green Cross shoes from my mom ages ago and they were the most comfy ever!

      1. Thanks Kerry :) Their shoes are VERY comfortable. I went to the store today to browse at the shoes on sale but I spent R520 on a hair cut so I couldn't buy style 5218 (pictured above) which is on sale for R599. I would've much rather spent the money on the shoes :(


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