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    To me there is nothing more relaxing than taking a bath by candle light with music playing in the background. I love the whole experience of it.  The warm water easing my sore muscles and the scent of the candle permeating through the steam hanging in the air.  It's just pure bliss.  So you can imagine how excited I was to test out the Spa-Valous body massage candle that was sent to me by Spa-Valous.

    The candle comes in a beautiful box and as soon as you open it up you are greeted by a beautifully inviting scent.  Inside the box I received an insert explaining the various candles produced which relate to the Chakra system of the body.  These Chakras are each represented by a colour:
    • Violet - Meditation
    • Indigo - Relaxation
    • Blue - Calming
    • Green - Balancing
    • Yellow - Uplifting
    • Orange - Stimulating
    • Red - Energising
    I received Mimosa and Cedar Wood scented candle which is meant to help with a person's self confidence, which I can really do with now considering all the winter binge eating I've been doing lately.
    After burning the candle for about 10 minutes there is a wonderful pool of liquid waiting to be scooped up and applied to your skin as you would a normal moisturiser.  The combination of soy wax, shea butter, beeswax, coconut and other essential oils makes this candle incredibly good at moisturising and soothing skin.  The oil massages nicely into the skin and personally love using it on my hands and feet.
    To the left is when the oil is in it's very runny state. To the right is when the oil has cooled a bit.
    One thing that pleasantly surprised me was that once you've massaged the oil into your skin there is almost no greasy feeling left on the surface of your skin. The fragrance left on your skin is also a pleasantly warm and soft smell that is not at all overwhelming.  The very next day after use, my skin looked and felt incredibly moisturised as well as soft and smooth.  You don't use too much wax each time and I can see this candle lasting me a good while.

    After using this candle I was left asking myself - Why do we use normal moisturisers when there are soy candles that make moisturising yourself such a relaxing and luxurious experience?  It doesn't take too long to use - you burn it while you are bathing, reading a book or getting ready for bed and then it's ready for you to use while at the same time filling your room up with a beautiful scent.  We are constantly on the go doing something and life is often very stressful, it's great to be able to add something like this to your day to spoil yourself to.

    Things to take note of:
    • Because the candle melts at a low temperature it is safe to immediately apply to your skin without the fear of burning yourself.  
    • The Vitamin E and Lecithin extracted from soy beans are perfect for treating eczema, cracked cuticles, cracked heels, psoriasis, sunburns, cuts, bruises and insect bites. 
    • Spa-Valous Candles also produce fragrance free and flameless baby massage candles.
    • Spa-Valous candles are eco-friendly and non-carcinogenic.
    • Spa-Valous is a proudly South African company
    To find out more information contact the Spa-Valous team on +27 11 440 5643 or find them on Facebook.  Spa-Valous body massage candles don't have their own twitter account but you can follow Tip Top Nails who tweet on behalf of the brand.  I tried to find their website but the link on the pamphlet I was sent does not seem to work, however you can follow this link case it works in future.


    1. I want to try these candles!! :)

      1. It is a SERIOUS treat! It was the first time that I had used a Soy body massage candle and I was blown away :)

    2. Sounds heavenly! I love scented candles. Rubbing candle wax into your skin sounds so mystical:-)

      1. Yes, the experience of using the melted wax is so amazing! It's a serious treat - you should contact cheri@tiptopnails.co.za and ask her to send you one to review one for your blog :)

    3. Does TipTop nails make candles? I'm a little confused:-)

      1. I can't access the Spa-Valous website, but from what I could determine Tip Top Nails does distribute the candles and I think they produce them as well. Don't know if you follow Tip Top Nails on Twitter, but they on occasion do tweet about the candles.

    4. Hi Diva Desle & Charlene, I believe that Tip Top Nails is a distributor for Spa-Valous, which sounds "mavalous"!;) We use the same type of partnership to distribute our Refillable Scandle Body Massage & Shimmering Lotion Candles in countries outside of USA. Love your blog Charlene!:)


      1. Hi Christine,

        Thanks for the visit and comment. I would love to see what these Body Massage & Shimmering Lotion Candles are all about - can you please email me some information: GeeWhiskersCharlene@gmail.com


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    6. The candle in the picture posted on FaceBook is in the lower right hand corner.

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