• July Glossybox

    I must admit, when my Glossybox arrived I was a little alarmed by the lack of weight to it.  I am use to the box feeling heavy and packed full to the brim with goodies.  But when I opened the box and I was impressed with the products inside - 5 different top quality, high end brands were included in this month's box, with a bonus of getting 2 of the perfume samples and 2 of the L'Occitane samples.  What I like about this is that it allows me to share the box with my family or friends, but sometimes I am a little greedy with the samples and keep them all to myself.
    Box contents:

    1. Chloe Love, Chloe Eau Intense (RSP: R640 for 30ml) Usually I do not like oriental perfumes but this one is balanced beautifully.  We received two 1.2ml samples.
    2. Clarins Extra-firming Tightening Lift Botanical Serum (RSP: R610 for 30ml) I received a sample of this a few months ago and LOVED it so much that when seeing this product in the box again I almost screamed out loud because I was so happy.  The sample size is 10ml, making it worth just over R200.  It's such a wonderful treat to get again.
    3. Anesi Objectif minceur Creme Lipoaminocel (RSP: R585 for 200ml)  Received a 10ml sample. This is a cream to help reduce cellulite - I tried this out last night and although this sample size will not show any visibile results, you can feel it working on the skin (a slight tingling feeling).  Personally I don't believe in products that claim to reduce or get rid of cellulite, you can only really get results if you follow a strict diet and exercise regularly.  But products like these help with your efforts because they stimulate blood flow to the area.  Therefore when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle you should see results.
    4. L'Occitane Aromachology Repairing Hair mask (RSP: R365 for 250ml) We received two 8ml samples in the box.  I am eager to try this out very soon because I LOVE L'Occitane products.
    5. Dr Brandt Detoxygen (RSP: R850 for 30ml) A sample of 2ml was included in the box. This face mask maximises oxygen transportation to the cells in your skin cells.  The sample has an oxygenating facial and a detoxifying creme concentree.  Will test this out soon and report back.

    Those who did not get the Clarins sample got a L'Occitane Immortelle Eye Balm (RSP: R400 for 15ml).  I received a sample of this in the June Stuttafords box and I LOVE it.

    This is the first time there has been no special gift or full sized product BUT one has to look at the value of the brands included.  In my box, the Clarins product alone is worth over R200!  That is exactly why I always get Glossybox.  I can easily go to a store and buy a supermarket brand product, I can't just walk into a department store and shell out hundreds of rands without having a mini panic attack about the cost of the product.  Glossybox allows subscribers to touch brands we might not always be able to afford - it's a special treat.

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    PS. Those who visit the Glossybox website will know that it was under construction.  I was very happy to see the new website! It is a beautiful update that makes the site so much fun to visit.


    1. Yeah I dunno I'm losing faith in South African Beauty Boxes, whenever I look at a European Glossybox I freak out and then we get this. i dunno.

      1. I have an upcoming post that addresses the thought you share with so many people, me included :)

    2. Thank you for all the info here. I ordered the August box, and you've given me an indication that it's usually money well spent. I have seen what they offer online in the Euro boxes and I'm also a little surprised....

      1. Hi Shakira,

        I haven't ever been disappointed by Glossybox. You can read this post to read my thoughts on the various boxes and why we can't really compare them to the overseas counterparts: http://www.geewhiskers.com/2012/07/my-thoughts-on-sa-beauty-boxes.html

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