• Wishing Wednesday

    I adore perfume and one perfume that I have my eye on is Hilfiger Woman Pear Blossom.  Last year Hilfiger Woman was devoted to Peach, this year it's Pear.  I love the beautiful bottle with the preppy bow.
    Pear Blossom Tommy Hilfiger for women
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    Sadly Pear Blossom is not yet in South Africa however Peach Blossom has just reached our stores. So even though we'll have to wait a while for the Pear Blossom to arrive we can still try out the Peach Blossom (I think I'll be adding this to my wish list while I wait for the Pear version to arrive!).  
    Peach Blossom Tommy Hilfiger for women
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    Hilfiger Peach Blossom is available from Edgars and Red Square stores for R390 (30ml) and R585 (50ml). 


    1. I love the bow! I've never smelt a Hilfiger perfume but must admit peach sounds nice... I recently fell in love with Justin Bieber perfume after a long search for a new one. Not sure why he made a girls perfume in the first place but sure glad he did. That's what I'm currently lusting.

      1. Hi Kerry,

        The peach is incredible and perfect for spring time. I haven't smelt the perfume released by Justin Bieber but it was an incredibly smart move for him to venture into perfume for women. All his female fans will want to buy it because they adore him so much. The company and him will make a fortune in the end.

        Thanks for the visit :)


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