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    While walking through Clicks the other day I took the time to stop at the Essence stand to check out a few of the nail art products because there is always such a great selection of goodies.  It was then that I spotted these nail stickers and thought I'd give them a try because they were only R29.99 for a set of 14 nails (7 different nail size stickers).
    Nail art
    I am wearing Essie Topless & Barefoot as a base
    The application process is a simple 5 step process:
    1. Clean nails or apply a coat of nail polish - Remember to always apply a base coat first and not to apply a top coat over the colour.  The top coat does tend to prevent the sticker from sticking on firmly.
    2. Select the correct size for your nail
    3. Peel off the sticker from the plastic backing and place sticker on the nail - when the sticker is removed it is quite plyable and can easily be curved to match the curve of you nail.  After about 5 minutes the stickers firm up a bit.
    4. Press the nail down thoroughly and pay special attention to sticking it down to the very tip of your nail.
    5. Cut off the excess with a pair of nail scissors and file off the excess
    I am very impatient with nail polish drying time and hopeless at doing nail art, but I do like the look of it so this product is something that people like me can use to get a nail art look without the hassle.  It took me all of 10 minutes to apply the stickers and that was only because I was stopping to take photos of the progress for the collage above.  This can easily be done in under 10 minutes.

    One thing I really liked about these stickers is that even though you have something about the same thickness as your nail applied to your nail, it doesn't feel like you have anything stuck onto your nails.  It feels very natural and it's only when you touch your nails or look closely that you notice the sticker.  So it's something you can use without the hassle of it feeling uncomfortable and unnatural.

    The stickers stick down very firmly but can be removed quite easily.  Because I didn't place these stickers directly onto my nail the slight bits of glue came off very easily with nail polish remover.  I read on the package that even when stuck directly onto bare nails, if there is any glue left on the nail bed it can also be easily removed with nail polish remover.

    The stickers last well and I only removed mine because I had meetings to attend where I had to project a more professional image.  Even bathing and doing dishes don't affect the stickers too much, but I didn't go too crazy while I had them on.

    I am well aware of the fact that Essence caters for a younger market (teenagers and young students), but it doesn't stop me from purchasing a few goodies because they are so affordable, good quality and fun to use.  

    You can purchase these stickers at Clicks stores and selected Dischem stores while the NatventUrista range is still out.  You can view the full range on the Essence website.  Follow Essence on Facebook and Twitter.  

    I spotted this video on YouTube and thought it was such a clever idea:
    Did you know:
    I think a few people aren't fully aware of the fact that Catrice cosmetics is the 'Big Sister" of Essence and caters for a post-teen market which is evident in their advertising campaigns.


    1. Fab review. I spotted these the other day. I love nail wraps/stickers. :)

      The silver ones look stunning over nude nails. Is that the essie nude from one of your previous posts?

      1. Thanks Chicara!

        For R29 these are a bargain but again, it can't really be compared to wraps like Incoco.

        Yes, I did have my nails painted with Essie Topless & Barefoot :) It's one of my favourites - although this week I am back to wearing my Essie Lilacism.

    2. Thanks for the tips!! I bought both a couple of weeks ago, but haven't had a chance yet to try them out. Saving them for a special occasion :)

      1. The main thing to take note of is to have very clean and dry surface. Any type of grease or super smooth coating doesn't allow the gel-like sticker to attach very firmly and they will peel off. I experienced that with my one nail because I applied a top coat then realised I shouldn't. The sticker kept peeling off. Luckily there are backup stickers so I just trimmed it to size and redid the finger.


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