• Balm Balm Rocks!

    I have been an admirer of Balm Balm for a while now (view previous blog posts here and here) and was delighted when I got to try out a few of the products.  I received 3 products enclosed in a beautiful cloth bag.
    The products I received:

    1. Foot Balm - Containing a concentrated blend of natural oils and waxes which are infused with tea tree essential oil, this balm is a multi purpose balm that soothes tired feet or acts as an great moisturiser for dry skin.  The balm has left my feet looking and feeling increadibly smooth and my skin feels beautifully soft.  A little of the product goes a long way and because it's multi-purposed you can can carry this around in your handbag - although you might prefer having the Hand balm if you want something for on the go.
    2. Rose Geranium Face Balm - The balm is suitable for all skin types and is infused with rose geranium essential oil.  Again, something I noticed with all the Balm Balm products, you can use this on any area of your body because the moisturising capabilities of this balm is amazing!  I was struggling with a little bit of dry patches and my skin wasn't feeling right (I've been testing out other face creams and when I am using more than one face cream in a short time period my skin does seem to get over worked). This balm sorted my skin out after the very first application.  I know that is hard to believe, I couldn't even believe it myself.
    3. Multi purpose Lip Balm - Well the name says it all! This multi purpose balm works wonders!  It is very effective at soothing and moisturing dry lips that I don't even reach for any of my 101 lip balms (I have them scattered all over my bedroom, handbag and desk at work).  This is the perfect balm to keep in your handbag because it comes in a container that ensures the product won't leak out.  I use it on my lips, as a moisturiser for my cuticles and when my hands need a bit of TLC.  I have the fragrance free one so it's perfect for me because it doesn't fight with the perfumes I love to wear.
    Overall I am incredibly happy with these products and feel so good using them because I know they are not only good for me, but good for the environment and Balm Balm leaves animals out of their testing process.

    Next on my "To Get List":

    Visit the Balm Balm website
    For more information on this product as well as other Balm Balm products you can visit their website and blog.  Else follow Balm Balm on Facebook and Twitter for information and occasional competitions.  Love Green are the sole importers of Balm Balm products into South Africa.  Their website contains a list of Balm Balm stockists.  I had a hard time finding a stockist in Cape Town but discovered that Green Love (an online organic store) sells Balm Balm products for prices that are cheaper than what I have seen on other websites.
    Purchase Balm Balm products online


    1. I have never tried Balm Balm, but everybody raves about it. Feeling serious FOMO right now. Need to get some :)
      Loving your blog Charlene, Keep up the awesome work!!!

      1. Hi Kerry :)

        I felt exactly the same! I was a little worried that I had built up my exceptions too high and tried to be objective about it - because as I've said before, I fell in love with the brand even before trying any of the products. I was very relieved and delighted that the products lived up to the hype and actually exceeded all the expectations I had.

        Thanks so much for the compliments :) I am glad you enjoy popping by for a visit. xxx

    2. Lovely post! I love the colour on your nails :)

      1. Thanks Claire :)
        The nail polish is Lilacism by Essie - I just realised that the colour actually matches the colours of the Balm Balm packaging xxx

    3. So lovely! I really want to try the Balm Balm face serum.


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