• A Thank You Giveaway!

    It's that time! I've reached 10 000 views and as promised I have a little giveaway to thank my Gee Whiskers readers.  You might have noticed that there is a Competitions tab in the menu navigation bar.  Please go to that page and follow the steps to be considered for the draw.  

    Also, those of you who have left comments on posts up until now you will all automatically receive extra entries equal to the number of comments left (yes, I have counted each and every one!).  I love hearing from readers and those who have taken the time to leave comments have been rewarded.  I do apologise to my other regular readers, but unfortunately I don't know who you are because blogger does not provide me with such information.  I can only take those who have left comments into account.  Because this is my first giveaway and it being a Thank You giveaway, I wanted to find a system where a regular reader had a better chance of winning.

    So, all the best to everyone who enters and welcome to new readers, I hope you enjoy browsing my blog. 

    Please make sure you read the "teams and conditions" to ensure that your entry counts.  

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