• 10 Day Challenge

    6 Places:

    1. Kimberley - I grew up there and still consider myself a Kimberlite
    2. Durban - I spent 5 years of my life there from a baby and I actually do remember some really great things from my early childhood.
    3. Cape Town - I visited Cape Town in 1998 for a holiday and dreamt of living here.  In 2000 my family relocated here and I've been a Capetonian for 12 years (even though I still identify myself as being a Kimberlite)
    4. Tsitsikamma - I love the Garden Route, but Tsitsikamma in particulare because we use to holiday there when I was a teenager.
    5. Egypt - From the age of 11 to 15 I wanted to be an Egyptologist, until I realised I hated getting too hot so there was little hope of me enjoying working in a desert covered in sand all day.
    6. Machu Picchu - It's my dream location to go visit.


    1. I love living in Cape Town :) We also used to take holidays up the Garden Route when I was in school - I never cease to be amazed how beautiful Tsitsikama is!

    2. So much great stuff happens in Cape Town.

    3. Hi Laura and Tammy,

      I agree, Cape Town is amazing! I can't imagine myself living anywhere else and I actually use to have nightmares when I first moved here that I had to move away.

      Have a great day both of you xxx


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